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Research has revealed that 53% of Australian’s now use a mortgage broker for their lending needs, up from 35% ten years ago. So why are Australian’s increasingly using the services of a broker?

1) A choice of lenders

With an extensive panel of lenders (including the major banks), mortgage brokers are able to compare hundreds of loans to find a loan that gives you the best fit for what you need. If you go direct to a bank, they will only show you their lending products. Better choice across the whole market = a better loan and interest rate tailored to your needs. Here is the panel of lenders that we have at Choice Home Loans.


2) To save time

With today’s increasingly busy lifestyles you probably don’t have hours to devote to ‘shopping around’ to find the best loan and to go back and forth to a bank. Mortgage brokers are customer service focussed and most will come to you at a time and place that suits you – whether that is at home or work, during or after hours.


3) It’s free and could save you money

There is no cost to you for the services of a broker. Brokers get paid commission on loans from lenders, but regardless of whether you go direct to the bank or through a broker, the interest rate and fees to you will be the same. Very often, given brokers knowledge of the lending market and the access they have to special lending deals – using a broker can get you a better interest rate than going direct. Last year our clients who refinanced saved on average $3,800 a year in interest, a huge saving from finding a better rate in the market.


4) They are finance experts 

Mortgage brokers are experts in financing options, with an in depth understanding of the overwhelming array of loan options available. Many loans seem to offer a great deal, but they could have penalties, fees and charges you may not be aware of, or they may not offer the flexibility you require in the future. Mortgage brokers ensure that you find the best loan for your specific requirements, now and into the future.


5) They are with you for the loan and beyond 

Unlike constantly changing bank staff, Mortgage Brokers are often with you for the life of your loan and beyond. Mortgage Brokers usually own their own businesses and are committed to their clients for the long term, keeping in touch to make sure your loans are still right for you and that circumstances haven’t changed. How often does the bank call to tell you that interest rates have changed and you can get a better deal? Probably not often! But don’t be surprised if this is something your broker does.


There are significant advantages to using a mortgage broker. Whether you have an existing loan which needs a health check to see if it’s still the right fit and the best interest rate, or you are in the market for a first or next home, or it’s time to stretch yourself and get an investment loan – it’s a great idea to get in touch with your mortgage broker.


Douglas Piening is a Mortgage and Finance Broker with Piening Financial Solutions and is passionate about providing advice you can trust. Whether it’s buying a home, refinancing a loan, investing, building or renovating, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to assist with your lending needs.

You can contact Doug at or (m) 0408 671 524.

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This information is of a general nature only and does not constitute professional advice. You should always seek professional advice in relation to your particular circumstances.


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