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Whilst it is not a mandatory requirement for home buyers to seek a pre approval, doing so can make things considerably easier.

So why might that be?

1) You get a clear and accurate price range

Whilst you can use a borrowing calculator to work out your approximate buying power, different lenders have different requirements and getting pre approval gives you a far more accurate price range.


2) It reduces the financial risks associated with finance ‘falling through’

Home buyers who aren’t able to secure finance by the date of settlement are at risk losing their deposit. Not only is it devastating to not only be going ahead with the purchase, but vendors are within their rights to keep the deposit paid as there is a breach of contract.


3) Greater leverage in negotiations

You can also use your pre approval as extra leverage when negotiating with vendors as you are less likely to have to pull out of the contract last minute because you can’t get finance. You will also have a clear ceiling price to work with in negotiations and are less likely to be pushed into paying over your budget.


4) It gives you time to look around

Most pre approvals last between three to six months, so you have plenty of time after you’ve received the pre approval to look around for your new home.


 5) A faster final approval process

Getting pre-approved means you’re likely to have a faster final approval process too, so you won’t be waiting around to hear from the bank before you can settle your contract and move into your new home.


So whilst it isn’t mandatory, we would recommend getting pre approval in writing before beginning the search for your next house as an absolute must. And definitely before any negotiation that might involve signing a contract or paying a deposit.

If you need any more information on pre-approval, feel free to get in touch.

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